Gillenkirch Washing and Grading plant
The plant is designed for the preparation, washing, polishing and sorting of ware potatoes. Both parts of the plant display first-class workmanship down to the smallest detail and are connected together in a highly efficient manner.

The washing section consists of two lines which are connected independently of one another. The operator of the plant has the option of washing two types of potato simultaneously. Both washing lines are highly efficient, but protect the product at the same time. One washing line consists of a combination of various machines, conveyor belts and machine platforms with access staircases and can handle 50.0 tonnes per hour.

The ware potatoes are passed to the sorting section via various conveyor belts. A total of six lines with one Even Flow Hopper EF series and a Newtec Celox 6+1 quality sorter sort the washed ware potatoes without any size limitation according to their dimensions and quality. The combination of the different sizes and their individual distribution over the various conveyor belts is possible without restriction. The integrated conveyor belts can be moved individually and connected to all bunker and box filling stations. The sorting plant has a total capacity of 60 to 90 tonnes per hour.

The quality of the potatoes has no influence on the capacity and performance of the machines, so that highly flawed potatoes can still be sorted with the same level of efficiency. The high expectations that we have with respect to quality and performance have been successfully implemented in collaboration with our partners and the plant operator. The product quality of the ware potatoes that has been achieved is first class.

Please watch the Video of the plant on our Website:

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