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Government of Canada Helps Expand Markets for Canadian Potatoes
The Canadian Horticultural Council has received over $274,000 in Growing Forward 2 funding to help expand markets for Canadian potatoes.
St Elizabeth farmers (Jamaica) quadruple cultivation of Irish potatoes
Farmers in St Elizabeth, Jamaica, have increased cultivation of Irish potatoes more than four times over as the Government strives to meet the local demand of 15 million kilogrammes per year.
First Jersey Royals arrive in the United Kingdom
Early Potatoes: The much prized Jersey Royals hit the market for the first time this week, just slightly later than the first crop last year.
United Kingdom: January Potato Stocks reach parity with 2016 levels
Potato stock levels in Great Britain at the end of January 2017 were at a similar level as at the same time in 2016, despite a four-year low yield, according an AHDB survey of grower stocks.
First batch of US Seed Potatoes to arrive in Jining (China) next month.
The office for Inspection and Quarantine in Jining city (Shandong province, China), recently handled papers regarding the import of seed potatoes from the United States, one of the very first introductions of US seed potatoes into China in recent years.
Saturday, February 25, 2017
“Making the European Potato Trade great again! (it’s gonna be huge, it’s gonna be great, it’s true!)”
Under the provocative slogan 'Making the European Potato Trade great again! (it’s gonna be huge, it’s gonna be great, it’s true!)', the Europatat Congress 2017 will focus on two major current issues for the potato sector: plant health and trade.
Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Brazil introduces anti-dumping duty for frozen potatoes from Germany, Belgium, France and The Netherlands
Last week the Brazilian Government has decided to impose an anti-dumping duty on frozen potatoes (tariff code 2004.10.00; mostly frozen french fries) imported from Germany, Belgium, France and The Netherlands. The level and duration of the anti-dumping duties are not yet published.
APPAPA Peru: 2017 Potato Production in Peru comparable to last year
Peru's National Association of Potato Growers and Derivatives (APPAPA Peru) estimates the 2017 potato production in Peru will be 40,000 tonnes, a volume comparable to the production last year..
Saturday, February 18, 2017