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Europatat elects a new board ahead of its 2016 Congress in Brussels
Europatat appoints a new board, including Jos Muyshondt as President, Domenico Citterio as vice-president and Gilles Fontaine as treasurer.
Congress is pushing the Agriculture Department to exempt groups such as Potatoes USA from the Freedom of Information Act
Congress is pushing the Agriculture Department to exempt groups such as Potatoes USA (formerly known as the United States Potato Board) from public scrutiny of their internal operations (Freedom of Information Act).
Europatat and Freshfel Europe’s First-Ever Combined Annual Event on 2 June 2016 in Brussels will look beyond “business as usual”
Europatat and Freshfel Europe will jointly celebrate their first common annual meeting on 2 June 2016 in Brussels.
 Potatoes USA Elects Leadership Positions
The Potatoes USA grower membership elected new leadership during its Annual Meeting held in Colorado Springs, Colo., March 14-17
SNAC International
The Snack Food Association (SFA) is excited to announce a new name and identity as SNAC International to reflect the changing marketplace.
National Potato Council to offer Scholarship for Graduate Student Advancing the Potato Industry
The National Potato Council (NPC) will award one $10,000 academic scholarship to honor a graduate student (Master’s degree or higher) working to improve the future of the US potato industry.
Thursday, March 31, 2016
Victorian Potato Growers Council rebranded Potatoes Victoria
Potatoes Victoria is being launched today to replace the previous Victorian Potato Growers Council. A division of the Victorian Farmers Federation, Potatoes Victoria has been representing Victorian potato growers for more than 20 years.
United States Potato Board has a new name: Potatoes USA
During the 44th Annual Meeting of the National Potato Promotion Board, Board Members voted to change its dba (doing business as—business name) from the United States Potato Board, U.S. Potato Board, or USPB, to Potatoes USA