Mooij Agro Croptimiz-r Storage Computer
Mooij Agro introduces a revolution in storage climate control with the Croptimiz-r.

Now you can optimize your storage conditions through the use of our new touch-screen controller and PC management software, reducing energy use and overall storage costs.

Mooij Agro Croptimiz-r

Want a quick overview of conditions in your storage? Your personalized 3D storage overview shows you what is important in one glance.

The Croptimiz-r was revealed at the Interpom-Primeurs (2014)

Mooij Agro Every-Air

Mooij Agro B.V.

In order to provide optimal air distribution in box-storages, Mooij Agro has developed a specially designed tarp, the EVERY-AIR.

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Mooij Agro EC Axial 1000 Fan

Mooij Agro B.V.

Mooij Agro developed a new and larger axial flow EC fan in cooperation with Klima, especially suitable for onion and potato storage projects where low energy use is a priority.

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