Insort Sherlock Hybrid
The Sherlock Hybrid is a powerful sorter using a combination of proven air separation technology and food safety optimized flap separation that sorts acceptable products, foreign material and defective products perfectly into 3 grades in just one pass.

The precision sophisticated Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®) offered by all Sherlock's has been further enhanced in the Sherlock Hybrid by high resolution color camera technology.

CIT® enables assessment of the whole near infrared spectrum and analysis of objects’ chemical composition, regardless of color, shape, surface or density. High-resolution color cameras synthesize additional information on color, shape and surface for each individual object (Object Synthesis).

It is this high density information that enables clear determinations to be made about whether to remove objects by means of air (optimal yield for product defects) or flaps (most reliable removal method for foreign bodies), and that separates your product reliably into 3 quality grades.

The Sherlock Hybrid meets the highest standards of hygienic design and can be used for all foodstuffs in either wet or dry processes.

Insort Sherlock Observer

Insort GmbH

Insort presents the Sherlock Analyst, an inline chemometric analysis of your product stream, all done in real time...

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Insort Sherlock Separator

Insort GmbH

The Sherlock Separator is a further development of the Sugarend Remover, a high tech sorting machine, capable of detecting sugar-ends on raw potatoes, foreign body and many product specific defects.

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Insort Sherlock AIR

Insort GmbH

The sophisticated precision Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®) of this sorter means the Sherlock AIR delivers high quality optical
sorting for all small foodstuffs.

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