FPS Individual Quick Freeze Tunnel Freezer, IQF Tunnel Freezer
Our range of Individual Quick Freeze (IQF) tunnels implement various product separation and fluidization technologies to ensure careful handling of food products.

With our PulseFlowTM IQF technology we are able to eliminate mechanical components inside the freezer while gently lifting and separating the product continuously through the freezer. For sticky products like diced/sliced fruits and vegetables, out acetal plastic conveyor belt solution ensures product release and separation.

The combincation of our IQF technologies with our fundamentals in hygienic design ensures you have a tunnel freezer at the highest food safety standard.

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Justin Lai of FPS Food Process Solutions explains the features of the FPS IQF freezer

FPS Impingement Tunnel Freezer

FPS Food Process Solutions

FPS Impingement tunnel freezers have been developed for a range of cooling and freezing requirements - from pre-cooling and crust freezing products for further processing to complete freezing.

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FPS Spiral Freezer

FPS Food Process Solutions

Our spiral freezers and coolers are tailored to your specific requirements. Our focus on details ensures the spiral freezer/cooler is optimized for all applications, from raw dough to fully cooked, ready-to-eat meat and poultry products.

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