Elea - PEF Pilot
Elea offers a trial batch system capable of treating solids and liquids for scientific and pilot scale applications with up to 10 L treatment volume.

We offer different treatment chamber sizes up to 10 L treatment volume resulting in high flexibility, changing the treatment parameters such as field strength, specific energy input and sample size.

Additionally we offer you the opportunity to do trials in our continuous liquid PEF system. The results created with our trial systems are easaly scalable.

Elea - SmoothCut

Elea GmbH

Elea's SmoothCut system is a belt system for easy implementation in your existing production line. It treats potatoes or other roots, vegetables and also fruits with pulsed electric fields, leading to vast processing and quality improvements.

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Elea - SafeJuice

Elea GmbH

Elea's PEF SafeJuice System is intended for innovative processing of liquids and other pumpables like fruit juices, soup, sauce, milk and many more.

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