Brand Description
The Kiremko Guard family is a series of advanced measurement systems that control, support and guard your potato process.

The Guard family includes the following process sensors:

  • PeelGuard®
  • KnifeGuard®
  • DryGuard®
  • WeighGuard®

Kiremko is a Dutch engineering company, which is fully dedicated to the potato processing industry.

Kiremko designs, manufactures and installs complete processing lines, factory upgrades and capacity expansions, as well as stand-alone equipment.

Kiremko offers reliable, turnkey solutions from raw product receiving systems right up to the packaging lines for end products such as French fries, potato flakes, fresh and pre-cooked potatoes, potato chips and more.

Our services include project management, (pre-) engineering activities, utility engineering and process support.

Our technology is innovative, solid and always designed to your specific requirements.

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Kiremko company profile (2018)