Although the potato was grown in South America for millennia, the first potato patch in North America was only planted in 1719, in New Hampshire (the first french fries were served at the White House during the Presidency of Thomas Jefferson some 80 years later).

In 2007, the United States harvested 19.9 million tonnes of potatoes, making it the world's fifth biggest producer. Potatoes in the United States are grown in nearly every state, although about half of the crop comes from Idaho, Washington, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Colorado, Oregon, Maine, Minnesota, California and Michigan. Most potatoes are harvested in September and October (fall).

Only about one third of US potatoes is consumed fresh. Around 60 percent of annual output is processed into frozen products (such as frozen french fries and wedges), chips, dehydrated potato granules and flakes and starch, while 6 percent is re-used as seed potato.

Each American eats more than 55 kg of potatoes every year. However, fresh potato consumption has declined from more than 22 kg per person in 1993 to just under 16 kg in 2014.

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Top potato producing United States
RankName2017 Potato Production in (000) cwt % from total Production
1 Idaho13485030.506703104286
2 Washington9922022.446237167277
3 Wisconsin284756.4418121682947
4 North Dakota244205.5244619192189
5 Oregon213954.8401254202165
6 Colorado212204.8005357053982
7 Minnesota184284.1689100838397
8 Michigan172053.8922345339951
9 California159363.6051525448269
10 Maine152003.4386495156481
11 Nebraska90252.0416981499161
12 Texas84931.9213454168684
13 Florida71751.623178307551
14 New York40320.91214702941403
15 Montana37740.85378047842474
Agricultural Statistics United States
Potato Production in 2017 :20017400.00tonnesOfficial data
Potato Area Harvested in 2017 :1024900.00acresAll seasons
Potato Yield in 2017 :482334.00hg/haCalculated data
Potato Production in 2017 :442034.00(000) cwtAll seasons
Potato Area Harvested in 2017 :415010.00haOfficial data
Potato Seed in 2017 :24673.00(000) cwtAll seasons
Potato Yield in 2017 :431.00cwt/acreAll seasons
Consumption Statistics United States
Potatoes (Fresh and Processed) , Consumption (Crop Equivalent) in 2014:111.20lbs/capita/yearPotatoes (Fresh and Processed)
Potatoes (Processed) , Consumption (Crop Equivalent) in 2014:76.70lbs/capita/yearPotatoes (Processed)
Potatoes (Frozen) , Consumption (Crop Equivalent) in 2014:47.50lbs/capita/yearPotatoes (Frozen)
Potatoes (Fresh) , Consumption (Crop Equivalent) in 2014:34.40lbs/capita/yearPotatoes (Fresh)
Potatoes (Chipped) , Consumption (Crop Equivalent) in 2014:17.00lbs/capita/yearPotatoes (Chipped)
Potatoes (Dehydrated) , Consumption (Crop Equivalent) in 2014:11.70lbs/capita/yearPotatoes (Dehydrated)
Potatoes (Canned) , Consumption (Crop Equivalent) in 2014:0.50lbs/capita/yearPotatoes (Canned)