Kiremko DryGuard

The DryGuard® is an advanced measurement device that collects and combines variables like weight, water content, volume and temperature and calculates the dry matter content of pre-dried French fries and other potato products.

The DryGuard® provides this valuable data in between the drying and frying process. The weighing belt which is part of this system measures weight of the product flow and provides actual data regarding your line capacity.

The DryGuard® has an advanced radio wave based system to measure the water content of the whole amount of transported product. Smart sensors measure temperature, calculate volume and track the belt speed.

The smart algorithms of the DryGuard® combine all the measured data and calculate the moisture content together with line capacity.

The data collected from the measuring units of the DryGuard® can be used to control your dryer and fryer, improving your frying and drying process.

The DryGuard® is an extraordinary assistant to production staff and lightens the labour in your laboratory.
STRATA Invicta

Kiremko STRATA Invicta

Idaho Steel Products, Kiremko Food Processing Equipment

The STRATA Invicta® sets the new standard in steam peeling systems, offering the highest yield at the shortest possible cycle times.

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H-Flow Conveyor ®

Kiremko H-Flow Conveyor

Kiremko Food Processing Equipment

The H-Flow Conveyor® guarantees less product breakage and loss of coating and flavouring, compared to vibratory transfer systems.

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Kiremko WeighGuard

Kiremko WeighGuard

Kiremko Food Processing Equipment

The WeighGuard® is an advanced system for dosing and weighing flavourings and additives that takes into account the line capacity

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