Insort GmbH

The passion of Insort GmbH (Ltd.) is the development and design of innovative technology for the classification and sorting of products in the food processing industry using Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT).

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Corporate presentation of Insort GmbH

Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT) is an in-house innovation based on infrared spectroscopy. CIT offers food processing quality assurance and process control of a previously unprecedented standard.

Based on this technology, Insort has developed a series of machines branded 'SHERLOCK'

FoodTec Awards

Insort won in 2012 a FoodTec award in Silver for their "SHERLOCK Separator", a sorter capable to detect and remove sugar ends. In 2015 they stepped it up and won a Gold award for their recently introduced "SHERLOCK Food Analyser"

The latest innovation is called „SHERLOCK Hybrid“ – a synthesis of proven air separation technology and food safety optimized flap separation that sorts acceptable products, foreign material and defective products perfectly into 3 grades in just one pass.
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British Potato (BP2021)

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