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Potato Supply chain

US Potato Growers offer Trump suggestions to improve NAFTA
The National Potato Council (NPC) has sent a letter to President Trump with suggestions how the NAFTA agreement can be improved to benefit the potato trade.
AHDB Potatoes appoints a new chair and five new board members
AHDB Potatoes has announced the appointment of a new chair and the addition of five new members to its board, replacing five members.
Pom’Alliance and Pomuni join forces
Pom'Alliance and Pomuni are joining forces in the fresh potato sector. Both companies signed mutual cooperation agreements on March 30, 2017.
Guarding against Dickeya
With clean seed potatoes recognized as the best defense against this new blackleg-causing pathogen, the demand for Dickeya testing is growing fast.
Red-skinned potato varieties lead selections by breeders
Red-skinned potatoes are sure to be on the minds and menus of many after remarkable results shown by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s selections this year.
New Webcast helps Potato Growers avoid devastating Powdery Scab Outbreaks
Powdery scab is a potato disease that is difficult to manage and under certain environmental conditions powdery scab can be potentially devastating to susceptible potato varieties.
Japan: Worst Potato Harvest in 34 years hits Calbee and other Japanese snack manufacturers
Japan’s potato chip lovers, beware: Your favourite snacks may become harder to find. The country’s worst potato harvest in at least 34 years has prompted major snack makers to halt production of several types of snacks.
Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Potato supplier HZPC and its distributor Wesgrow charged by South African Competition Commission
South Africa’s competition watchdog (Competition Commission South Africa) has charged the Dutch seed potato breeder HZPC Holland B.V. and its exclusive South African distributor Wesgrow Potatoes for anti-competitve conduct for the exclusive supply of the variety Mondial.