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Potato Supply chain

New Chief Minister UP promises Potato Processing unit will come to Agra soon
According to reporting in the India Times, the state government of Uttar Pradesh (India) will soon begin the works of setting up a potato processing unit in the Agra district.
East Point Potatoes Expands Potato Packing Operations
East Point Potato 2009 Inc. is scaling up its operations in rural Prince Edward Island, Canada with the help of a CAD 500,000 federal loan.
Opportunities for potato farming in Nigeria
Potato farming in Nigeria has the potential to generate billions of Naira (millions of USD) annually. Nigeria produces about 1.5 million tons of potato per year and has a per capita consumption of about 7kg per year. However, many farmers struggle to sell to formal commercial buyers, mainly due to poor product quality and lack of organization.
España: Galicia empieza a recoger la papa en las zonas infestadas por la polilla guatemalteca
La conselleira de Medio Rural, Ángeles Vázquez, ha comunicado que en los primeros cuatro ayuntamientos en los que se ha empezado a retirar la patata por la plaga de la polilla guatemalteca se han recogido "cerca de 17.000 kilos de patata", y ha pedido la "solidaridad" de los afectados para "facilitar" la recogida.
Wednesday, May 3, 2017
West Australian potato farmers prepare to leave industry because of psyllid outbreak
Alan Parker looked out onto the farm business he had spent his entire life establishing. The West Australian seed potato grower will know in the next six weeks whether his lifelong career will continue.
La papa americana ya viene llegando a Cuba (¿al mercado negro?)
Una delegación de cultivadores estadounidenses que visitó la isla dice que Cuba quiere probar semillas americanas de papa para revertir la declinación de su producción ¿Llegarán al campo?
Tuesday, May 2, 2017
The potential of hybrid potato cultivars in East Africa
The Food & Business Knowledge Platform - a knowledge platforms focused on food security initiated by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs - supported a fact-finding mission in East Africa to explore the potential of the usage of hybrid true potato seeds (TPS) for this region
West Australia moves from Potato Psyllid Eradication to Control
Potato Psyllids, a destructive plant pest found for the first time in Australia in February cannot be eradicated, so the industry will seek to manage it, rather than destroy it, according to The Department of Food and Agriculture of West Australia.