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Potato Diseases

Study Provides Evidence on Movement of Potato Famine Pathogen
North Carolina State University research delves into the movement and evolution of the pathogen that caused the Irish potato famine in the 1840's - Phytophthora infestans -, which set down roots in the United States before attacking Europe
Potatoes New Zealand joins government biosecurity initiative
Potatoes New Zealand became the 14th partner organisation to join the Government Industry Agreement for Biosecurity Readiness and Response.
Potato White Mold: how it spreads and how it can be managed
The Plant Management Network (PMN) has released a new presentation entitled 'Epidemiology and Management of Potato White Mold' to help growers, consultants and extension agents understand how white mold persists and spreads
Agrico presents four new potato varieties during annual variety presentation
At its annual variety presentation, Agrico presented four promising new varieties that have recently been included in the Dutch list of varieties.
AHDB committed to keep the UK Seed Potato Industry healthy
AHDB Potatoes has pledged to work closely with the seed potato sector and Scottish Government to ensure that the industry maintains a low level of the bacterial disease blackleg.
Due to the late potato harvest the NEPG delays publication yield estimates till late November
As a result of the late potato harvest in the North-western European countries (BE, DE, FR, NL, UK), the potato growers organisation NEPG has decided to postpone publication of its annual yield estimates till the third week of November.
Sunday, October 30, 2016
Door late aardappeloogst is de publicate van de NEPG oogstverwachting uitgesteld tot November
Als gevolg van de late aardappeloogst in alle NEPG landen (BE, DE, FR, NL, UK) is besloten om de bekend making van de officiële NEPG oogstverwachting cijfers uit te stellen naar de derde week november.
Thursday, October 27, 2016
USDA clears Calyxt potato modified to withstand bruising
A new potato variety that’s genetically modified to withstand bruising has been cleared for commercialization without undergoing USDA’s deregulatory process for biotech crops.
Cornell University receives state grant to upgrade Golden Nematode Lab
Cornell University receives $1.2 million of new state funding to upgrade the Federal Golden Nematode Lab
Blackleg and Brexit under the Spotlight at AHDB Potatoes Seed Industry Event
AHDB Potatoes will use this year’s Seed Industry Event on 3 November to review the industry’s current approach to controlling blackleg. The biennial conference, held this year in St Andrews, will also provide growers with an insight into the potential impact of Brexit, and scope out the potato market, both at home and abroad.