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J.R. Simplot to court to seek control of troubled affiliates
Agribusiness giant J. R. Simplot is seeking receivership over two of its vegetable suppliers, claiming mismanagement of the $400-million-grossing companies threatens 2,000 jobs and could end in bankruptcy without court intervention.
Cavendish Farms Announces the Construction of a New Potato Processing Plant in Lethbridge, Alberta
Cavendish Farms is pleased to announce the expansion of its business in Lethbridge, Alberta, with the construction of a new frozen potato processing plant, replacing the existing plant.
Third automatic high-bay frozen storage for potato processor Agristo
Belgian pre-fried and frozen potato products manufacturer Agristo is teaming up with Egemin Automation for the third time in a row for the construction of a new, fully automated high-bay deepfreeze warehouse.
Space plasma experiment on the International Space Station (ISS). Plasma Kristall-4 is shown here
Bad smells from deep-fat frying in restaurants and take-away food venues could soon be eradicated thanks to experiments funded by ESA on the International Space Station.
Seven US Lamb Weston Facilities Receive ENERGY STAR Certification
Seven of Lamb Weston's thirteen processing facilities in the United States achieved ENERGY STAR® certification from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Swansfleet Alliance named Top Potato Grower for the McCain Manitoba Plants
Swansfleet Alliance of Treherne and Bruxelles was named the Top Potato Grower for the McCain Foods Manitoba plants during the annual Growers’ Banquet held in November in Carberry MB, Canada
Interpom | Primeurs 2016 attracts 20.000 visitors from 55 countries
The 18th edition of the Interpom | Primeurs once again set a new record with 19 938 visitors from no less than 55 different countries, illustrating the growing interest for this event far beyond the Belgian borders.
Thursday, December 1, 2016
FAM to sell Optiserve's Glide defect cutter in worldwide exclusive agreement
Dutch industrial equipment manufacturer Optiserve has granted worldwide exclusivity to FAM - European market leader in industrial cutting solutions - for the sale of its Glide defect cutter.