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Arca Continental to open new Bokados snacks production plant in Queretaro, Mexico
Arca Continental’s snacks division in Mexico begins the installation and equipping of its third production center for its Bokados snacks, to expand its brand presence and national coverage, an investment of close to Pesos 300 million (13.7 million USD),
Thursday, January 19, 2017
Bokados construirá planta de botanas (pasabocas) en México
El director de Bokados, Raymundo García, explicó que la nueva planta requerirá una inversión de cerca de 300 millones de pesos y que generará 150 empleos directos y cerca de 600 indirectos
Wednesday, January 18, 2017
DK Potatoes Purple Potato Chips get rave reviews
Potato Farmer Peter Scott from the Otways region in Victoria, Australia expects to make up to a million packages of purple potato chips this year.
Sunday, January 15, 2017
Pringles LOUD offers five new bold flavors - but leave out the potato...
Everyone knows that Pringles® majors in flavor, and now, the snackable crisps are introducing a bold, new line-up – Pringles LOUD.
Thursday, January 12, 2017
The PITCH: Lay's latest "Do Us A Flavor" iteration in the United States ask you to PITCH your favorite Potato Chip Flavor
Nearly everyone has a great flavor idea for potato chips. And perhaps your idea is good enough to become the newest flavor for Lay's potato chips worth a whopping $1 million in this new US 'Do-Us-a-Flavor' contest title 'the PITCH'
Light popped snacks pose a challenge for multi-head weighers
South African snacks manufacturer Nibbly Bits has reduced product giveaway by as much as 35% following the installation of an Ishida multihead weigher.
PepsiCo Wants to Sell Healthy Food, Consumers Want Chips
Pepsico is a company pulled in two different directions. Chief executive Indra Nooyi has vowed to turn the maker of Fritos, Cheetos, Lay’s and Pepsi into a health juggernaut. But while consumers say they want to eat healthy, often what they really want is chips.
Italian Snack Manufacturer Preziosi Food expands portfolio with tna start-to-finish solutions
Italian snack manufacturer Preziosi Food (Mitica) integrated new frying, seasoning and packaging systems from leading processing and packaging solutions provider, tna, to launch a new line of batch-fried potato chips.
Thursday, December 8, 2016