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Falcon - pre-sorter for the Fresh Cut Industry

Falcon - pre-sorter for the Fresh Cut Industry

TOMRA Falcon Sorter - pre-sorter for the Fresh Cut Industry

“Through the Falcon we get rid of most defects at an early stage to ensure that the sorters further down the line can work at a higher efficiency rate and can assure a final product with an outstanding high quality”, says Roel Molenaers, Product Manager at TOMRA Sorting Solutions.

Since fresh cut is greatly subject to weather conditions, location ... the Falcon ensures that, irrespective of the state of the product, the pre-sorting runs balanced and secure. So that further down the processing line a much more uniform product can be processed and an indisputable final product can be guaranteed.

Flexible product handling is facilitated through the integrated infeed belt and spreading of all leaves, while the high speed ejection fingers accurately remove all foreign material, including the heavy defects.

Supported by LED illumination the high resolution cameras detect different characteristics such as the chlorophyll level of the produce. In addition, the off belt detection enhances a high quality final product.

The easy to use and stable interface allows the operator to make snap shots of the raw material and defects. “Thanks to this Set & Sort feature the sorting machine does not need to be monitored all the time”, tells Mr. Molenaers.

TOMRA’s new sorting machine meets all stringent sanitary requirements of the fresh cut industry. Given the compact design of the sorter, the sorting machine is easy to integrate in the production and can simply be added to existing processing lines. Furthermore its open design facilitates the machine’s maintenance and sanitation.

“As important as the above mentioned benefits is the maintaining of clean washing water. Thanks to the Falcon and its pre-sorting focus, the washing water remains much cleaner for a longer time. This results in savings for our customer”, adds Mr. Molenaers. “I’m very glad with the fact that TOMRA was once more able to provide an answer to this urgent need of the fresh cut market.

With the launch of the Falcon we confirm our leading role in the sorting industry. With the combination of ODENBERG and BEST technologies we are able to offer state-of-the-art technologies”, the best from two worlds now brought together under the umbrella of a strong TOMRA Sorting Solutions.

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