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Elea - SmoothCut

Elea PEF Technology SmothCut System for Innovative Potato and Vegetable Processing

Elea PEF Technology SmoothCut System for Innovative Potato and Vegetable Processing

Elea's SmoothCut system is a belt system for easy implementation in your existing production line.

It treats potatoes or other (root-)vegetables and also fruits with pulsed electric fields, leading to vast processing and quality improvements.

Belt systems are the optimal solution for the treatment of tubers, roots, vegetables and fruits.

Artist impression of the Elea - SmoothCut

Our SmoothCut system is available in a range of four models with different capacities:

  • SmoothCut One
  • SmoothCut 10
  • SmoothCut 100
  • SmoothCut 1000

Each option is fully customisable to your requirements. Depending on system the SmoothCut offers capacities from 1 - 55 t/h.

Its features include a quick start-up, small footprint and low energy & water usage.
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